Case Studies

Helping Businesses Blossom

Global Expansion

"Reinforcing success"

As a personal reference the founder himself managed the transition of a local hot rolling mill to become the most efficient manufacturer of deformed steel rebar in the UAE. By doing a market deep-dive and changing the sales strategy the company was able to increase market share in a saturated market without compromising profitability.

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Growth Strategy

"Wise resource management"

A diversified start-up in the hydrocarbon sector is utilizing Consul-T for the organizational growth strategy and assessment of investment opportunities in local production of downstream products and services.

Strategic Advice

"Assessment framework"

We supported our client in developing a holistic framework for an objective application assessment in the governmental sector.

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Market Analysis

Revenue & Margin Assurance

"Cash is king"

We did an initial due diligence of the performance of a local manufacturer of wire mesh and galvanized wire.
Due to our advice the company reconsiders the shareholder structure.
Consul-T is in a pole position to support the client for the proposed changes.

Sales Advisory

"1+1 is three"

We approached this project carefully, as it was our very first undertaking of this scale. We studied our client’s business to create a focused and effective sales solution for their company shares - with a clear target to generate liquidity without compromising the companies future performance.

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Company Set-Up

"Masterplan of success"

Our international client seeks to have a footprint in the UAE to develop sustainable projects, primarily in Africa. We supported the customer in selection of the right legal set-up and established the Holding Company in DIFC. The existing masterplan has been reviewed to be fit for purpose.

Interim Management

Operational Excellence

After successfully set up the holding for development and management of industrial medium to large scale ventures, it is time to establish corporate structures, develop core processes and establish a culture of KPI driven performance management on the holding level. Being nominated as COO, the founder of Consul-T, Mr. Boris van Thiel, is a crucial part of the management board, consisting of CEO, COO and CFO.

Business Meeting