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Our Associated Partners

Collaborative Efforts

Together with our partners we are able to cover a wider scope of servicesand provide higher flexibility in terms of manpower. All associated partners are hand-picked experts with a long track-record in their respective fields.


Targus Management Consulting AG

Awarded management consultancy for operations

TARGUS offers leading operations expertise from strategic manufacturing network optimization to hands-on shop-floor actions. In the current crisis the fast turnaround approach helps clients not only to quickly identify areas of potential but also to realize short term EBIT improvements. The way ahead also includes a proven “Roadmap to Success” approach. It covers top and bottom line effects to ensure no stone is left unturned.
Effects are visible within 2-12 months.


Just Us & Otto

Creating Fans for Brands

Just us & Otto is a well-established communications and marketing agency in the Middle East with a global outreach which
connects people to brands at every step.



Energy Virtual Assistance (EVA) by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Metron Lab is an international operating tech-company providing energy efficiency solutions using the power of artificial intelligence. Especially in high energy consuming industries they are able to reduce energy costs significantly. Metron EVA is OPEX based and gives recommendations to the plant operators how to save energy without compromising productivity and quality.


Ronwell IT Consultancy

Digital Transformation

RONWELL is providing IT solutions, with a strong focus on near shoring concepts to optimize remote software testing in the industry (manual or automated). 
Savings in the range of 15-20% are realistic


GSMM International

Boost Your Business

GSMM International is a provider of local & international sales training courses for individuals and corporates. Via their partnership with Savid Academy GmbH from Germany, the company has access to best practice training concepts, material and after training media.

Associated Partners: Clients
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