Our Consul-T

Methods  Paired With Experience

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COVID 19 - Toolbox

we secure business continuity in challenging times

Global oil price shock and Covid-19 economic impacts are threatening the sustainaibility of business models in several industries. Consul-T helps to:

  • market scenario analysis

  • update the business plan

  • review and adjust operational and financial targets

  • secure liquidity by crisis cash-flow management

  • increase revenues and save costs by SMART action

  • risk management 

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Strategy Consul-T

we make sure that you achieve your goals

  • business plan development

  • process gap analysis

  • sales strategy development

  • supply chain strategy development

  • change management

Market Analysis

Market Consul-T

we make sure that you keep your market focused

  • market analysis & study

  • competitor analysis

  • customer analysis

  • SWOT-Analysis

  • market matrix

  • portfolio analysis

Business Meeting

Sales Consul-T

we make sure that you know your unique selling point

  • sales strategy development

  • sales training (associated partner)

  • sales performance management

  • sales incentive program development 

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Finance Consul-T

we make sure that you have a solid basis for your business decisions

  • revenue and margin assurance

  • cash-flow planning

  • review of financial system and reporting

  • financial modeling 

  • business case development

Laser Cutting

Performance Consul-T

we make sure that you are competitive and benchmark you to best practice

  • operational KPI development

  • sales KPI development

  • financial KPI development

  • technical process analysis in manufacturing & production

  • industrial benchmarking